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Improving all learners’ literacy is the Achieve3000 goal. Using web-based technology that can be accessed through, this online tool helps in determining the students’ reading level. It also helps in delivering ready materials depending on student’s Lexile reading level. It’s a great application for teachers to improve reading skill of their students. This web-based tool can still be accessed when offline and is filled with numerous articles. Not only is it useful to improve students’ skill in reading but also to help them getting more prepared to take the test including during a job application.

Achieve3000 Login In

It’s not usual literacy tool thanks to thousands of article with various topics to help children, teenagers and adult to develop their reading skill. Those articles are grouped into 7 levels in Spanish and 12 levels in English. To start getting the benefit of this app, simply access the portal.achieve3000 to start Achieve3000 sign in.


In order to use this app, the users need to have their own “school” along with the “students”. Once the “school” becomes an official client, this online tool is then ready to provide effective solutions in increasing the students’ ability related to reading skill, comprehending skill, applying and communication skill especially related to complex text in literature.

Achieve3000 with 10.000+ Texts

This useful app applies certain approach to achieve significant results. The students are given and encouraged to read almost 10.000 standard non-fiction texts in both English and Spanish. This numerous numbers of text help the students to enhance wide spectrum of reading ability. It’s aligned with state as well as national standards. Thus, schools can use this app from students in age classes from 6-yeard old to 18-year-old students. Once teachers do login, they will be given with various tools to help monitoring the student progress as well as forecasting students’ preparedness for any kinds of standardized tests including to enter college.

Real Solutions for Students

There are three different real solutions for student’s learners offered to achieve different goals. The first one is Achieve3000 Intervention, a practical solution that relies on RTI or Response to Intervention model. It is integrated in KidBizBoost, EmpowerBoost and TeenBizBosst. It allows students fluidly moving between the intervention tiers. The second solution, Achieve After School extension of the first solution. Once teachers access login page, they can use this practical solution. Great thing about this solution is it allows both teachers and students can see their progress thanks to its data sharing capabilities. The third solution is known as AchieveSummer which comes as extension activities available in 19 different languages. This is an independent study program that can be used as core reading program during summer camp.

The availability of Achieve3000 answers allow teachers to check the students’ progress from time to time. It also helps you to monitor your kids progress during homeschooling. As the app is easily accessible from multiple devices from Android, Chromebook and Apple, it allows teachers to implement real time supports through different methods.